Joe The Water Hero

Excellence Award in the 'Horizon of Dreams 2018' competition

“Yay!!! Woo Hoo!!!” Joe is on a crowded beach. Joe went into the water with his son and he took his lucky yellow kayak that he had always been playing on. The life savers said to be careful because of a strong riptide. Everyone was on the sand and not in the water. Joe went into the water then suddenly the riptide pulled him far into the ocean.
“Help!” he yelled. Now he was so far in the ocean that people couldn’t see him.
He landed on a stranded island with a beautiful pond on an extremely hot day. He went into the pond to relax and it was very comfortable. He had a tingly feeling all over his body. In the pond there was a stone, a see-through stone. Joe lifted it up and suddenly he fainted. When he woke up he was floating many metres off the island. Joe was confused from when he was in the pond, and now he is in the ocean.
The water was slowly taking him back to the beach that he came from. Joe was about a few kilometres off-shore now. He felt some huge rumble. Joe wandered if it was an earthquake. He swam quickly to the shore and he saw a huge metallic brown diapered baby crushing buildings and holding his family! He ran straight to the baby and kicked it rapidly. He was wet, so the water went straight to the crack of the metallic baby. Now the baby turned off with a high pitched electrical noise.
The baby dropped Joe’s family and Joe caught them heroically. Then a creepy laughing person in a white science coat who seemed like a mad scientist hovering on a jetpack, swooshed down and took Joe’s son.
To be continued…