I Found The Future

It was a warm day in Ballarat, Melbourne. It is 1854 and the Gold Rush! Hi, my name is Marcus and I’m 12 years old. The other day my Mum and I were looking for gold and you would never guess what we found! We found gold. Then the weirdest thing happened. When I was rubbing my gold, it teleported me into the future.
There where I stood a hover car was resting with bright red lights flashing out of nowhere. It was so weird that I screamed “WHERE AM I?” Someone behind me said “You are in the year 3055 little boy.” I looked around me and screamed “MUM WHERE ARE YOU?” The lady behind me said “Where are you from?” “I’m from Ballarat and it was 1854 half an hour ago. Where am I?” I said in panic. “You are in New York.” She said quietly. “Why am I here?” She had no time to explain. She ran off in to a tall building. “You didn’t even tell me your name!” I shouted but she didn’t listen. So I just kept on following her until she told me to stop. “Stay here and don’t move!” She said as she ran away. But I didn’t listen. I followed her as quietly as I could. She hasn’t noticed. Just as I was going to walk out the door a big metal object dropped there. At that point I was worried I would never see my Mum again. I just remembered that I still had that gold in my pocket. I took the gold out of my pocket and rubbed the gold as hard as I could. “Marcus! I thought we lost you.” My Mum said in glee. Later on in that day we sold the large golden nugget for ten pounds! We were rich!
‘BANG!’ “Mum…” we went to look outside and everything was on fire! We ran for our lives. “Marcus. Wake up it is breakfast.” Mum said. “Ok it was all a dream!”