I can’t believe it happened to me

Let me introduce the characters. My best friend is Haydn Funnell, my buds are Josh Conway, Jimmy White, Cameron Morrow and Sam Crez. The class clown and the worst person at sport Tom Matthews. The ‘little know it all’ is René. The bully at school is Simon. My big Bro is Stefan. My coach is Nathan Martin, my teacher is Mr. Shaw and my sporting hero is Luke Ellemor. Let’s start the story.


“Another boring day of school when is it ever going to end...” I said.
“LACHIE!” said Mr. Shaw
“Huh what?” I said.
“What is the capital of Montana” he said.
“Err umm” I said
“Oh I know Mr. Shaw” said René
“Oh little stuck up know it all,” I said to my self.
“That’s right” said Mr. Shaw to René
“Okay class before you go to lunch can I have Simon and Lachie quickly.” said Mr. Shaw.
“Ok”, we said.
“As you both know you enter a competition to play at Hindmarsh Stadium” said Mr. Shaw
“Yeah” we said
“YYYEEESSSS! I can’t wait to tell my friends” I said.

"Okay it’s time to go home now!” said Mr. Shaw
I sprinted down the blacktop to the oval.

“Guy’s guy’s we won, we won the competition” I said, gasping for breath.
“WWWHHOOOOO!” our team yell
“I guess that training paid off” said Nathan
“We going to see Luke Ellemor aaaaahhhhh” Said the twin’s Amy and Abby.
“Well you know what were going to do practice, practice and practice if were going to beat Simon’s team” said Nathan.

Everyone was training except tom that was playing with war vehicles.
“Come on Tom we’ve got to train!” said Josh
“But I want to play war!” said Tom
“Come on Tom you want to get better right?” said Josh
“Wrong” said Tom totally disagreeing with everything Josh said.

After 2 hours of tiring training and practicing skills over and over again we made some good progress.

I had butterflies in my stomach as the bell rang and the game began. It was an outrageous battle and Simons team was winning by 2 but after a while we shot back into the game the score was tied 2 2. We felt our hopes were down when Simon sprinted down the field, he took a shot and…… Jimmy side tackled him and the ball went out but Jimmy had twisted his ankle and TOM HAD TO COME ON!
“NNNOOOOO” we screamed as Tom walk onto the field.
Stefan threw it to me I went down the field with minutes to spare, I saw no one to kick to except Tom. So I kick it to him and he scored!!!

Luke presented the trophy to us and said
“Congrats you guys are the winning team!”