Kacey And Ben

Once upon a time there was a boy called Ben and a girl called Kacey and they lived in Carnarvon. They were getting packed for the next day their special day. When they brushed their teeth and had a shower they went to bed. Dad said, “We are going to see our special surprise tomorrow.” Ben said, “I am so excited.” So was Kacey and then they all prayed.
Last night Kacey couldn't sleep. Because she was so excited. In the morning Ben and kacey had strawberry jam on toast for breakfast. It was the weekend. As soon as Ben started packing Dad and Mum came back from shopping and Mum wanted to tell the surprise, but she just remembered that it was a surprise. Then Ben was finished but Kacey still had to pack her bag, so she did. When they were all finished packing their bags they all went in the car. Mum drove the car. It took nine hours to go there. When they got there, they saw a huge hotel. Kacey said, “Can we stay there?” Dad said, “We are staying there.” Ben said, “Is this the surprise?” Mum said, “I totally forgot about that.” Dad said, “Yes this is the surprise.” Then they all walked to the gate, Mum opened the gate. When they got in they saw a babysitter. Her name was Katy. Katy said “I will be your babysitter until night. Then your parents will be back.” Kacey said she was excited because she never had a babysitter. But Ben wasn't.
As soon Mum and Dad came back Ben was so proud. And Kacey told Dad what they did when they were with Katy. Then they all had a shower. And brushed their teeth. Then they all went to sleep.
When it was morning Ben and Kacey had cereal for breakfast. Dad said, “We are staying here for one more day.” Ben said, “One more day seriously?” Mum said, “Yes one more day.” Then they finished breakfast. Then they all went for a walk. When they all came back Kacey and Ben played on their iPad. Then Dad said “You have to brush your teeth. And have a shower.” So they did. Then they went to bed.
When it was the morning Kacey and Ben had cereal for breakfast. Again. Then when they were all finished Dad said, “We are going to have a surprise today.” Ben and Kacey said, “What is it?” Dad said, “We are going back to Carnarvon.” Kacey and Ben shouted out the window. Dad and Mum said “Stop.” Then everyone started packing when they all finished packing they all went in the car. When they all got back they all unpacked they all went for a walk.
The End


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