He hauled the body of the 32 year old female multimillionaire to the bed. Her face blank and her expression lost. Deep cuts from the butterfly knife had been embedded into her skin, left her aimlessly lying down paralysed. The man scattered through the bedroom until he found the studded gun locked in a draw. He loaded the magazine and pulled back the trigger six times, killing the victim. He walked out the door of the gigantic house taking the gun with him but then burying it in the ground next to the electric fence. Obvious he had thought, but that was what he had in mind. 29 year old Thomas Cairns arrived home from the airport exactly 2 hours after the murder. The long flight had caused him to fling his uniform off and head straight to bed. But just as he turned the door handle he paused in terror as his ex-girlfriend was lying dead and motionless on the bed. ' please calm down sir, now...... What happened again' the officer had questioned him. Bang! Before Thomas could speak another word a bullet slammed right into his head from the roof of his house. From there the murderer turned around walked away and said, 'I said I'll get you'.