A Black Cat's Consolation

The black cat lay motionless in the field. Not dead, but not quite alive either.
He was an unlucky black cat, for he brought nothing but misery and misfortune upon all he encountered. He looked up at the beautiful colour of the sky, thinking, 'Is this it? Is this finally the end of my suffering?'
His thinking was disturbed by the sound of footsteps approaching.
He pleaded for it not to be another raging soul, looking for vengeance for his curse's doings.
Bracing himself for what may happen, he heard a soft, woman's voice.
"You poor kitty" she said with pity.
She scooped him up, and he shivered with surprise, for he had never known such a gentle touch. However, the cold was quickly recovered by the heat of her skin.
As she began to take him away to an unknown place, he felt himself drifting slowly off to sleep.
The people formed a circle around him, keeping him trapped in the centre. Some held rods or axes, others held sticks. He could do nothing but cringe in fear, and wait for them to attack, as they marched towards him.
He awoke upon a comfortable surface, and saw that he was surrounded by a small room with a cozy sofa, on which he rested, and a warm fireplace. The smell of fresh bread settled him, and he curled back into his sleeping position. That was until the woman who had encountered him before, sat down on the free space next to him. He'd been startled by this, but she stroked his head to ensure him that she meant no harm.
He purred as he realized this was his new home, and that his suffering was coming to an end after all.

Out of nowhere, the girl had lost her posture, laying sleepfully on the opposing cushion. It could have just been because she was tired, but the cat suspected there was something more. He instantly jumped up, and pawed her arm, trying to awake her, but there was no response.
The cat sunk to his knees from the fear that his dark curse had struck once more.

Then, something magical happened. He heard a voice. It spoke softly, and wisely.
"A new chapter of your life now begins," it said, "This girl is sick, and in desperate need of help. You can save her."
A blue glow began surrounding the cat's body, lifting him carefully into the air. He was shifting, changing. He felt extreme pain, and screamed.

After a few moments, he sat there, in a new body, trying to catch his breath. He looked down at what was now a pair of hands, and clenched them to make sure they were real. He was a man, and once he came to the reality of it, he picked the woman up and took her to her bedroom, allowing her to rest whilst he took a trip to the township in order to get her some help....


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