A Bad Case Of Bad Luck

I look at my textbook full of unanswered questions, Jesus, I’ll never graduate if I keep going like this… I really need to stop talking to myself in my head.
Shaking the remaining thoughts out of my head I close my textbook and shove it into my flowered blue and pink Ripcurl backpack.
The school bell pierces my ears as it rings throughout the whole school, pulling my backpack over my shoulder I stroll out of class just to accidentally bump into someone.
You may be thinking oh my god here is the “hot guy” of the school but no.
Liquid spills all over my grey long sleeve - gasping I bounce back, “My goodness Delilah, I’m so sorry I didn’t see you there!” My math’s teacher declares in surprise. “It’s okay Mr. Mathews, I have a spare shirt in my bag.” I mumble as I try to rush out of school although I don’t get very far when I trip over my untied shoelace and fall flat on my face in the school hallway.
Groaning, I jump back up and ignore the weird glances I’m getting from students as I fix my laces. Anyways…How funny is that, my math’s teachers last name is MATHews. It never gets old.
Slamming open the large glass school door, I rush down the stairs in hopes of not missing the school bus multiple days in a row.
To my surprise, it drives away, damn. I think I’m just a bad case of bad luck.
I pull my IPhone 5 out of my pocket and press the home button to turn the screen on.
I cry in frustration when I figure out that I forgot to charge my phone last night. Can today get any worse? I questioned myself.
I get answered by the lord himself when I hear thunder rumble in the sky. Never mind, it can.
Looks like I’m walking. I sigh as I started to escort myself home, it’s only twenty minutes so it’s not so bad. Five minutes through walking and I start feeling droplets on my face.
No! Not my hair, I just had it done! I quickly pull my backpack over my head to prevent my hair from smelling like wet dog.
You might be thinking “Oh lord have mercy on this poor soul.” But no, he just shook he’s head and said “Feel the wrath of my power!” At least I’d like to think so. Anyway, remember how I said how I didn’t want to smell like wet dog?
Well speaking of wet dog – THERE’S A GIANT ONE CHARGING AT ME!
I break into a jog, dodging branches and bushes near the sidewalk, probably multiple getting stuck into my damp hair.
Suddenly a huge splash of muddy water literally pours all over me due to a huge truck passing by.
At this point, I don’t even care because I run through my front door and slam it behind me. “What on Earth happened to you!?”