We are just kids but we know more than we think, we all have it locked in our heads we all know how to hack! Alright well when I say we can all do it I mean the gifted kids not you, not you oh and definitely not you. I don't mean the smartypants I mean the, well I would call it the outcasts the kids that are always hiding in the shadows, the kids that know everything those are the kids that can hack. I don't mean the hack that is on the computer i mean the hack that is in the mind. How do you hack the mind well it's simple an illusion a trick but not hypnotism that stuff is fake i mean esitonyp yeah it sounds made up well guess what its not well i guess it's time to show you how to do it…….

Breath in and out focus on one person then snap what's that sound oh the sound of time stopping only you left you can do anything you could eat everyone's food or draw a moustache on someone or you could use like i do you could use it to steal BUT BE CAREFUL time only stops so far and for so long now i might tell you where it stops but i might not it creates fury by doing this but last time i did that it did not end well so i will tell you. it only spreads a kilometre so spend it wisely don't mess up the last guy who did was dead meat he was never seen again! legend has it the master of mind hack was summoned and mind hacked the person who messed up he did whatever the master said and each time he messed up he got whipped he got whipped so many time that he died it was horrid so make sure you don’t mess up well no one truly knows who the master is but i do because its me no knows so i am safe each im i mess up i don’t get whipped i don’t get anything because I NEVER MESS UP NEVER so you don’t either if you do i wil summon and i will make you one of my thousands of mind slaves its par of being evil. One guy messed up so bad that he went 1 cm away from the shop and he froze himself honestly how childish, anyway he is sitting here in my office so i guess i might do that to you anyway you will never find me and if you do it is THE WORST MISTAKE OF YOUR LIFE anyway i think that if you read this is it will be the biggest mistake of your life so don’t and i will know because i will be right behind you when you do and you will regret it!



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