Why do you hide yourself behind all that makeup?
Why do you not see how beautiful you are?
Why do you want to change yourself and be fake like plastic?
You've never seen how amazing you are, you've never loved yourself for being you. I would always be there for you and try my hardest to support you, but no matter what you never accepted yourself. Plastic surgeries,implants and thick layers of makeup just to cover up who you were. Every night you cry yourself to sleep and when you wake up you act as though you're fine but inside you're slowly dying. Life isn't about making people like you because you're afraid they won't like you for you. Life isn't about living a lie or faking your true identity. Life isn't about being ashamed of who you are as a part of society. It doesn't matter if you're gay,lesbian,demisexual,pansexual,transgender,male or female because throughout life you'll find people who like you for who you are and you don't have to suffer alone. After all what is the point of thinking you're alone when you have people who are there for you?