Dad Has Gone Missing!

Excellence Award in the 'Write-Along 2018' competition

Yesterday was a very weird day, something worrying happened. I was just sitting on the one of our armchairs in front of the television and watching a rugby game. When the referee blew the final whistle, I went to find dad to tell him who won but I could not find him. I yelled to mum “Mum, I can’t find dad!”.
“I can’t find him either,” she replied.
I looked all around the house, I still couldn’t find him. I wondered whether he had gone missing. I walked up to mum and said “Mum, has dad gone missing!”
“Are you sure?”. Mum exclaimed back.
“Yes I’m very sure, I have checked everywhere.” I replied in a worrying voice.
“Oh ok, let’s go to the lake across the road, We can look there.” Mum whispered.

“Let’s go!” I immediately responded. So we went and looked and looked but we could not find dad.
Mum said to me “Daniel, let’s go to the police office and check if they have seen him or they can find him.”
When we got there we waited in line and when we got to the front the police receptionist said “Can I help you?”
“Yes, my dad has gone missing! He is about six foot he is wearing a black jacket with blue shoes and purple trousers.” I explained
“Ok, I will see what we can do.”
“Thank you for your time.” Mum responded extra nicely while gritting her teeth.
We searched and searched and still no dad. I wondered if after 5 hours they had found him yet because we had been looking since 12:00 PM!

Immediately, as if they knew exactly when I had said it the phone rang! I bolted to the phone picked it up and said “Daniel Russell here. Is it anything to do with my missing dad?” He said back “Yes, he was at work the WHOLE TIME! I closed the phone ran to mum who was still doing the laundry and said to her “Mum, dad was at work the whole time!” I said laughing “Really? He did not tell me?”
“Me neither.”

Three hours later he came home and he said “Hey guys, what was the thing about me being missing?”
“Oh long story.” Mum and I both said at the same time. Dad said “Ok I sure have learned a lesson, always tell you two when I am going to work.”



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