The Witch’s Brew

2nd in the 'Write Along 2018' competition

Ancient hag, fumbling, mumbling
Into the cauldron, vile things tumbling,
The awful substance steams and splutters,
The wizened witch capers and mutters.
Gulping, gasping guppies’ gizzards,
Little, lithe lustrous lizards,
Bats’ brains and baboon’s blood
Flow in a fetid flood!
Goblins greedily grinning,
Watch the cauldron mixture spinning,
Ghouls’ eyeballs slickly gleam
Shining through the stinking steam.
Fat frizzling, frantic frogs,
Tails of demented dogs,
Cantankerous caterpillar’ cheeks,
How the slimy potion reeks!


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