A blaze, a brave, and a blow

One comes, one goes, and the rivers continue to flow,
One passes, one harasses, so wisely does it kill masses,

One pushes, one shoves, murdering beings is all that is above,
One hails, innocents bail, and all hope has not gone avail,

Smashing, and thrashing, the wind continues to blow,
Banging, clanging, a streak of lighting shocks all those below,

Fear and worry, concern and anxiety conquer all those still alive,
Friends and family, hold on tightly, hoping their misery will soon end,

Some inside houses, others under sheds,
Screaming and crying and loosing their heads,

But others are under the furious blaze,
With none there to help them but a soul full of rage,

Those who once boasted of bravery, brag no more,
Cowring under blankets, like rabbits in a burrow,

As for those once shunted aside, stand boldly and stride,
Toward a dertermined ending...... With complete pride.


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