A Visit To My Cousin

Finalist in the 'Write Along 2018' competition

Willow's tendrils hover over the terse breeze,
With her silent, mourning lull.
A dreadful cacophony of grey surrounds, my ivory friend awaits.
Dewdrops glaze the emerald blades, blundering, soundless.
Engulfed in an ancient glow, the world ceased to loathe-self.
Crisp moonlight stark-wrapped around limestone figures, my friends.
Orchids and chrysanthemums plead for decaying release.
The figures twirled, crumpling against lustful reflection.
Thoughts, conscious memories teeming from their bounds like onyx mandalas.
Ghost Memories, dead memories?
Lonesome as I saunter down the lane. Soon.
So many stones, endless, but not eternity. Soon.
But am I alone?
Because that phantom breeze knows me, speaks to me.
It flickers, to me, my soul.
I flicker back.



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