I Didn't Mean To Kill Him.

I didn’t mean to kill him
Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrng goes my phone. I jump out of my bed and answer. Oh! It was the police. “.Hello. It’s James, your work buddy.”
“Oh hi James,” said Ryan.
“We have received phone calls that they have been hearing weird noises from the abandoned petrol station in Turners Beach, so we have to go and investigate.”
“Ok James. I’m on my way to the police station.”
I drive over to the police station. James is waiting out the front.
“Yo James. Hop in.”
“Oh hello Ryan. I’m coming.”
“ Ok. Let’s go to this stupid little abandoned petrol station.”
We pull at the petrol station. It‘s night time. We walk in and start hearing noises.
James said, “Split up. Make sure you have your gun on you at all times.”
I start walking. It was really scary and creepy. I start hearing noises.
“Oiiiiiii,” said James. Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaang!!!!!!! A gun shot went off.
“ Oh my god, that was James, oh no!!!!!! I’m going to get fired, plus he was a really good friend of mine.”
I had to ring the police, brrrrrrrrrrrr brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
“ Hello sheriff from Ulverstone Police County.”
“OH not the Sherriff,” I thought in my head, “oh hello Sherriff. It’s Ryan from the police.”
“Oh hello. You have to come to the abandoned petrol station in Turner’s Beach immediately.”
“Ok on my way.”
The Sherriff pulls into the car park. I’m waiting out the front.
The Sherriff walks to me and says, “What happened now?”
“Ahhhhhhhh!!!!! Mmmmm!!!!! I accidently shot James.”
“What did you say?” said Sherriff.
“Ahhhhhhhh I accidently shot James.”
“What how?’’
We split up to try to find the thing that was making the weird noises, then I heard footsteps behind me then someone yelled, “Oi!”
It didn’t sound like James so I turned around and shot but it was James.
“Ok,”said the Sherriff, “We need to call the
I dialled 000 on my phone then told them what happened.
“Ok then,” the ambulance said, “they’re on their way “said Ryan.
“Ok.” Said Sherriff.
The ambulance pull up in the car park. I and the Sherriff were out the front waiting for the ambulance. The paramedic walks up to us. We show them the body. They test the pulse.
“Were sorry to say but he’s dead!!!!!’’