Daphne The Daffodil

Flowers, flowers, they’re pink, red and blue
Flowers, flowers look how beautifully they bloom
Flowers, flowers they dance through the land
Rustling together making music like a band.
Up on a hill grows one who thinks she’s the best
Certainly, more stunning than any of the rest
She thinks she’s as heavenly as an angel, high in the sky
But the rest of the hill don’t, they think she is just sly.
They say she’s like a devil, self absorbed, selfish and easy to annoy
What a diva she is, has no respect, her words can definitely destroy
Puff goes her hairspray in bright daylight and woof goes her pink dog
Due to her rudeness and outrageous behaviour the hill descended into dark fog.
As sand fell off the top of the hourglass, time was running out
Then one by one each petal cascaded down like a water spout
She finally realised what she had done
And felt sorrow for each and every one


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