The Magic Globe

Finalist in the 'Write Along 2018' competition

For my 7th Birthday, I wanted a globe of the world as I was learning geography and history at school, I didn’t get one. Two weeks after my birthday, when I was at my Grandma’s house, she took my sister Chloe and I to the Salvo’s store, as she was dropping of some clothes and stuff that she didn’t want any more. While Grandma was talking to the lady at the counter, she told us to have a look around the shop as she would be a few minutes.
I went to the back, where all the toys were, they were boring. I went over to Chloe who was looking at some clothes, I noticed a door ajar leading to a room filled with boxes, one looked like a globe sticking out. I went to the counter, asking the lady, “What’s behind that door?” pointing to the ajar door. “Is there a Globe of the World in there?” I asked. She said she didn’t know but I could have a look and if there was, I was welcome to buy it.
Entering the room, I saw shelves against the walls and cardboard boxes everywhere, some sealed. I headed straight to the box with a metal point and arch, hoping it was the top of a globe. Opening the box slowly, hoping to see a Globe and there it was, yellow and dusty. Taking it out of the box to examine it, the metal rings that the Globe sat on were rusty in parts but it still moved around and clearly had every country still visible, just cobwebs and dust all over Europe, Tasmania and Japan. “Gran, Gran!” I yelled. “What is it Caleb?” said Grandma. “I found something I want to buy, I found a Globe.”
“Bring it here Caleb and we will see if you have enough money to buy it,” said Grandma. The lady at the counter, said “$5 for you, enjoy it.” Back at Grandma’s, I took it upstairs to the room that I was to sleeping in. On wiping the globe over with a soft cloth of Grandma’s, different cities seemed to light up, like there were fairly lights inside the globe. Just before bed, I touched on the North Pole with my pointer finger and a small dot lit up.
In the morning when I woke, I had the most amazing dream about meeting Santa in the North Pole, seeing his workshop, having a snow fight with some elves and building a wooden sleigh just like Santa’s. ‘The dream seemed so real, but it couldn’t be real, could it?’ I thought to myself.
I went down for breakfast and Grandma told me to make sure I put my toys away as she handed me a small wooden sleigh. I apologised and put the sleigh in my pocket, thinking ‘was last night real?’
Now every night before I go to bed, I touch a city on the Globe and have the most wonderful adventures.


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