Excellence Award in the 'Write-Along 2018' competition

“Mum, where are you? No!” Kristin woke up with a shock. “Phew! That was only a dream,” she thought to herself, “I thought mum was dead!”
Kristin had heard many noises at night for the last few weeks. Sometimes she heard the sound of Christmas bells, other times she heard a scraping noise. But Kristin didn’t believe these were the cause of her dreams, not when she has had the same dream for the month she’s been living alone.
At school, she would try and talk about the dream with her friends at school but they would just laugh at her. “I swear, it was at my house. There was a man wearing a mask outside the window, with my mum’s bracelet and everything. He whispered into my ear saying that I’m next and I’d better leave and run if I didn’t want to become the next ‘it’. By ‘it’ I guess he meant dead body. And I keep hearing weird noises too,” Kristin explained. “Stop it, your stories are making us scared,” her friends said. Kristin shrugged, “Well I’m telling the truth, that’s what I dreamt about for the last month.”
The next night everywhere she went she had the urge to read the news. She jumped on to her bed after washing up and threw open her laptop and searched for the latest news stories. “McDonald's have new burger on menu, Krispy Kreme now sells pies. My gosh they do have everything on the news!” she exclaimed louder than intended. She continued scrolling until something caught her eye.
She froze, and was about to choke with disgust. The article read ‘Woman dies in mystery murder. Killer last seen wearing mask with handful of stolen jewellery’ and there attached was a picture of her mother, her own mother. “Oh my gosh! That nightmare was real!” she exclaimed to herself, “and who know what will happen next?” Kristin shuddered at the thought of it, “If it goes according to the nightmare, I’m supposed to be the next target,” Kristin choked as she said it.
“You have to leave and run if you don’t want to be the next ‘it’!” the voice kept ringing in her head. Kristin packed her most precious stuff and stuffed as much food and water as she could in the small backpack. She tiptoed out to the door and just as she turned the knob, she felt something.
She turned around and there was a man wearing a mask with a sharp knife. Kristin let out a high pitched stifled cry and ran. Although she was fast, the killer seemed to catch up every time she tried to speed up, which lead her to be worn out after a few minutes.
“Please...please, just let me go. I beg you!” Kristin shouted at the masked man, who was now only a few metres away. The man stood there and gripped onto the knife tighter. She could only think of one thing, run!

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