Rain Is Coming

Grey clouds rolling in fast
Bang! roar! thunder growling like a bear
yes! hooray, rain is coming at last
All I can think about is how long Ill have to stare.
More clouds covering the sky
I know that smell off by heart
I see birds outside struggling to fly
Come on rain, please start.
I'm waiting, patiently sitting
My yard is dry and dead
I can picture the rain spitting
But I will that happen and not just remain in my head.
One little droplet leaves it's cloud
This little droplet hits the ground
I look up to see more droplets like a crowed
The rain fills up the silence and it's as loud as a hound.
Pitta patta, the rain is falling down
puddles start to form as I put my gumboots on
my garden is green and no longer brown
I take a huge leap into the puddles, my sad face is now gone.