Fake Friend

When I woke up her name was on my tongue “Mickey’’. Before l could open my eyes she pinned me onto the ground and started beating me up. She gave me dirty looks and whispered something to my ear but l couldn’t hear her. “You don’t deserve a person like me” she said, in a sassy tone. Before giving me a black eye.

2 days ago....

I woke up in a tiny pink bedroom then l hear someone breathing beside me.“ Maddie, your finally awake.” it was Mickey, and I was in my new best friends’ bedroom. We’ve been doing group work all night. Well I was doing the group work . Mickey didn’t really do anything much.“ Hey Mickey,” I yawned, “did we finish our work last night?” She replied back to me with a worried expression “ N..No.” “ Let’s finish it then!” I say Happily.“ Oh, sorry l can’t, I need to go to my granny’s house. It’s her birthday today.” She sighs. “Oh...Um..okay...that’s fine.”

The next day...

“Hey Maddie did you finish our group work?” asked Mickey. “Yes,” I replied,” but l forgot to put our names down.” I say in regret.“Don’t worry l’ll put our names on it and give it to the teacher for you.” “thanks.” I said. A few minutes later l walked through the doors into the classroom. It was 9:00 so I was on time but everybody was staring at me as if I’m a monstrosity then my eyes got caught on Mickey in front of the class presenting our group work “Maddie! You are late, you didn’t even help Mickey do the work and you are wearing lip gloss to school!” The teacher ranted. Wow, He was very irritated.

“Sorry, but firstly I am not late, it’s nine o’clock, I’m on time, secondly l did all the work, while mickey went to her grandma’s birthday. Then all l asked Mickey to do is to write our names down.” I argued. “Well that’s not Mickey told us.” The teacher said sternly. “She told us that you didn’t want to do the work so you told her to do all the work, so she got pay back by writing only her name down.” The teacher told me, eyebrows raised.

“That’s not true, that’s my hand writing! Mickey l thought we were friends!” I sob.“I thought so too.” Mickey said sarcastically, “Mickey write your name on a piece of paper you too Maddie,” we did as we were told and wrote our names on the paper. The teacher held them up and then said “Mickey detention.” Mickey was about to argue when the teacher said, “You lied to us and blamed another student for your wrong doings, Maddie we are sorry we didn’t believe you. Now can you take Mickey to the detention room?”

The next day....

I was walking to school figuring out what to say to Micky when I see her. But my thoughts were cut off when I felt someone grab my head and slam it into a tree.“Mickey.’’ I said weakly, before everything went black.