Ball And Chains

Imagine a world where foes were friends, and friends were foes.
A world where everyone was your enemy, no matter who you chose.
Or one where no one would remember you, even if you were close?
One where you’re a simple pawn, something someone could dispose.

A world, where, because of you, no one needs to mourn?
But everyone you know and loved would only throw you scorn?
A world with more friends, but between two worlds, you are torn?
Life can’t be perfect, every rose has its thorn.

What if, in another world,
For everyone, you’d run a mile?
For everyone, you’d go through many difficult trials?
Yet no one would even grant you a smile.

Anyway, I doubt those scenarios barely even matter.
For we are not searching for worlds where our hopes would only shatter.
We are searching for an ideal world where equality reigns.
So we should avoid those negative thoughts, they are our ball and chains.