A Bad Day

The wind roared with a deafening vibration. A tree had already fallen down in the back yard and another is about to fall in the front yard. The power has gone out and it’s really dark in my room. It’s dark around the whole house and I am home alone with Emily, Jaide and Kaitlyn. Mum has gone out to get my older sister a new car.
I heard a knock on the window a few minutes ago. I went and told the girls and they freaked out. I told them to calm down, it must have just been a stick flying into the window.
20 Minutes Later…
I heard my older sister’s bedroom door open. We all freaked out and ran downstairs into my parent’s room and locked the door. There was a knock on the window in my parent’s room now, and we heard the back sliding door open. I opened the lock bravely, and ran to the back door, to see if anyone was there. But no one was there. The door was still open so I ran to the girls to tell them.
They didn’t believe me at first, then they heard it themselves and they freaked out. So we all walked to the back door to see what was there, but nothing was there to have opened the door.
Just then a tree fell on the house. A stick flung up through the open door and hit Jaide and cut her leg. So I got a bandage and wrapped it around her leg.
The neighbours ran over to help and to see if we were ok. They said the tree had hit the corner of upstairs. The wind got louder and stronger and the rain got harder and it started to hail. The neighbours offered to get us out of here. We started running to the car to take Jaide to the Doctors, to see if her leg was ok.
We started driving and we were on the highway and a car started to drive on the side if the road we were driving on. We started to scream.
I woke up yelling in fear. My parents ran in to see if I was ok. I told them I had a really bad dream.