Chapter 1
I remember when I shot someone with my rifle. It changed my life forever. Then two days later my best friend Nathaniel got shot by a plane. One day after he died and the trench got bombed. I survived and so did three more soldiers, but the rest weren’t so lucky. We went west and found a trench with men in it. We sniped six men but two troops were shot and didn’t make it.

One month later a grenade hit the trench and I ran for my life. I scratched my leg and bruised my arm because of the impact of the explosion. Life at war was hard and all I had was a gun, no AMO and a pocket knife. It was getting dark, I needed shelter or a bunker to hide in for the night.

Chapter 2
I was walking around and then smoke started to form around me. Then a troop ran by me and yelled, “RUN!”
I asked, “Do you know were shelter is?”
He ignored me. I heard a vehicle coming and it was a....tank! I ran and passed the troop I saw before. I dropped onto the ground and slid into a trench. The troop belly flopped into the trench after me and we both ran through the trench. When we were running, I got some AMO off the ground. When I was getting ready to go back to the trench I saw the man that was running with me when the tank was coming. I waked over to him and said, “What’s your name?”
“Lucas,” he said.
I replied, “Samuel.”

Chapter 3
While we were in the trench, I sniped two men and Lucas sniped one. Suddenly the commander yelled “GO!!!”
We all ran out of the trench. Two men were instantly shot and three were shot by planes. I saw a troop aiming at Lucas so I knocked him to the ground. The bullet missed. Then a troop aimed his gun at me. It was Lucas! I said, “What are you doing?”
Lucas said, “The army have treated me like dirt and- gah!”
Lucas dropped to the ground because an enemy shot him. I ran back to the trench crying

Chapter 4
The commander yelled me, “Why did you run back to the trench?”
I ignored him but then he got mad and abruptly punched me. I fell onto the ground of the trench. I opened my eyes, they were filled with mud. I got off the ground to see were I was but.. I didn’t know. I looked around and saw I was in an empty trench. I looked out of the trench but I didn’t see anybody. I saw a rifle on the ground and loaded it with AMO. The next day I found a trench with people in it. I looked into the distance and saw a body on the floor. It was Lucas’s body. Suddenly I saw his arm move, that meant that he was… alive! I ran onto the field and grabbed Lucas’s body. I started dragging him back to the trench but then I saw a man aiming his gun at me. I closed my eyes but when I opened them It was still black.