Fairies And Unicorns

One day at school, when I got to class I saw unicorns and fairies for the first time. Another day I went to school and the fairies and unicorns where gone. I was so disappointed, my friends and teacher were disappointed too, but I still had a good day. Then I saw a butterfly and a ladybird, people say they mean good luck so I ran home and told Mum and Dad about my day. In the morning I had a good surprise, I found the fairies and unicorns outside my house,so I brought them back to school. The teacher and my friends were so proud of me, so for two weeks I took them home I took them to my soccer and swimming then to my piano lesson. It was so fun having them for two weeks, I even got to name them I told my friends the fairies and unicorns names are Violet, Sparkly, Pretty and Arty. Those are the fairies names. The unicorn’s names are Fancy, Olivia, Molly and Emily. Those were the unicorn’s names. Aren’t they pretty, like the moon and stars.
My friends and teacher were happy I did not lose the unicorns and fairies and glad I had a good time with them. My teacher was full of questions, everybody wanted to take them home, but before she answered the questions the mean principal came into our classroom. He said, “fairies aren’t real and unicorns aren’t real either”. But the unicorns and fairies heard the principal and came straight in the classroom and magicked him into a frog. I ran home and told Mum and Dad about my day, especially about how crazy it was.
On Tuesday it was birthday, my friends and family and teacher came over to my house. We played and had cake and I opened my presents. My favourite present was the iPad and phone. I was turning 13, because I was 13, I got a bunny rabbit for the first time. I got to feed a bunny rabbit, it was so cute, I brought it to school for show and tell. One of my friends said what pet shop did you get it from, I said from Warners Bay. My teacher said that’s enough questions, put it in your bag please. “Ok” I said, then we did some maths and then religion then I went home. And said the bunny adores me.


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