The Red String Of Fate

Finalist in the 'Write Along 2018' competition

The summer night was cool and soothing, the sun had set not long ago, light from the full moon now engulfed the city below. The city itself was serene, the traffic noise had quietened and the people from the streets had lessened. In an apartment complex, a young girl in her mid-twenties was curled up on her couch fast asleep. The girl’s eyes start to flutter open as consciousness started to take hold. Awake, the girl remains lying down staring up at the ceiling. 'Dammit, always at the good part too'. Rolling off the couch, the girl shuffles to the kitchen in search of food when her phone on the bench lights up. The message that arrived read, “Hey Jayden, the girls and I were wondering if you wanted to go to the Fair with us tomorrow?” A sigh escapes Jayden’s lips.
“Sorry Monica I can’t, I haven’t been feeling well lately. Maybe another time.” Jayden doesn't enjoy lying to her friends, she just doesn't know how to tell them the truth. Since Jayden was born, she has been able to see The Red String of Fate. The string that ties soulmate to soulmate. Everyone has a string and Jayden can see them all, except her own. Not having a string torments her. But she has hope that she will find him. Of course, there are days were her hope diminishes, where there is only a fragment left. On impulse, Jayden’s hand covered her wrist, her fingers trace over the scares. Those dark nights came back to her. Jayden subconsciously hugged herself tight. Shaking her head to dismiss the thoughts, she marched back to the couch to watch some TV. After minutes flicking through the mindless channels, she settles with the news. There was a report on NASA turning science fiction into reality. The report talked about Ralph R. Roe, Jr's revolutionary advancement in technology, affirming that within four years technology will allow humans to explore the furthest corners of space. Curious, Jayden walked to her window. Pushing open the window with both hands, the cool night air blew onto her face. The breeze cascading through her hair. Looking out at the city, the night was calm and the full moon shone a bright glow everywhere. The sky was clear and the stars shone brightly above. Leaning on the window frame, Jayden breathed in the refreshing air and looked up at the sky.
"I wonder if there is life out there?" after the words escaped her lips, Jayden's left hand was pulled out in front of her and from her ring finger, a red piece of string bound around it and extended far up into the night sky. Jayden's breath was caught in her throat, her tears fell easily down her cheeks. The moment felt like it could last for all eternity. 'Wait' she thought. ‘Why does my string extend into space!?’ her cry echoed into the night.


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