E.k way

I see her ashen face and it makes me want to cry.
She seems so emotionless, and I do not know why.

She tells me things, of what he’s done.
How he did ‘stuff’, and blocked out her partial sun.

The year goes on, I find out more.
She has the lust, to make her blood pour.

To end her life, it makes me sad.
To live without her, would be so bad.

I think of these things, now and again.
And I find another of her secrets, buried deep within.

Fingers down her throat vomit in the bowl.
I swear to it, it rips out my soul.

Such a creature is this girl. A goddess in her right.
I wanna say something, but can only hold her tight.

She’s fading away, she doesn’t even know.
The darkness is great and taking over her soul.



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