Lamborghini Racing Miracle

One day a boy called Lewis lived in America, the state was called Florida. Lewis lived in a nice beautiful house. Lewis liked cars and his favourite one was a Lamborghini Adventador. He likes other Lamborghini cars too. He wished he had one. Then when he was 30, he bought a Lamborghini Adventador. He was really excited he got one. He wanted to race on the Lamborghini Racing Circuit so he started entering the race. Lewis was getting ready then Lewis drove onto the track, next the race started “green flag, green flag,” shouted Lewis. He pushed the gas pedal “he’s in 6th place,” said tower. “Lewis is in 3rd place,” said tower, “Lewis is now in FIRST,” “Yay!” shouted the crowd. Lewis is near the finish line, he won, “he won,” shouted the crowd. Lewis was excited that he won, “OMG I won,” shouted Lewis then he exited the race. Lewis drove back onto the highway. Lewis saw his friend on the highway and waved to him. He went to work as a Lamborghini mechanic, he fixed some cars and he drove to his house to eat. A Ferrari drove near to him, then the Ferrari wanted to race. Lewis said “no,” then he changed his mind and said “yes.” Lewis and the Ferrari raced. Lamborghini races the great Lamborghini race. He’s in first now and Lewis beat the Ferrari. Lewis kept on racing.
The End

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