T.S.U.A.F.S: Attack Of The Roboscheppianns

My name is Zack, I work for T.S.U.A.F.S [Top Secret Undercover Alien Fighting Squad] The best thing about my job is everybody just sits there sipping on tea and watching screens. We even get paid but literally do nothing! Sometimes our manager "M" is in his office, he gets distracted. Bill, Zoe, Chris and I put on MemeTube and watch funny cat videos.

One day when "M" was sleeping in his small, single bed he had a dream. This dream involved him wearing GhostBusters gear. He was hiding behind his kitchen counter peeking at aliens in his living room. He considered this "dream" a nightmare so the next day "M" sold his car and everything in his mums house and he ended up with $1,000,000 and bought an underground lab and hired four workers.

BEEP! BEEP! ALIEN ALERT! REPEAT, ALIEN ALERT! "Oh No!" we all say, once the computer finished screaming uncontrollably it showed a live feed of aliens exiting their ship. They looked like small robots and had no arms. We immediately spat out our tea and laughed. "They're DEFINITELY NOT going to hurt us!" said Chris.
OFFENCE DETECTED. INITIATE LASER SEQUENCE. The Computer went crazy, We went crazy, Everything went crazy.

"The handyman said he would be here at 11:11 AM!"I assured "M", "Well it's 11:12 AM Zack"
"Then he's one minute late!" we both yelled. As we were screaming uncontrollably, a small man with no arms wearing a duffle coat. "HELLO HUMANS I AM A HUMAN HANDYMAN" The "human" handyman says "well you're ONE WHOLE MINUTE LATE!!!!!!!" "M" adds

I decide to help "M" calm down by turning on MemeTube and showing him funny cat videos.
"WHAT IS THIS!" Yelled "M", I forgot we weren't allowed to watch MemeTube during work, especially when "M" was watching.
"WHAT IS THIS CREATURE?" Asks the handyman, Zoe looked at him like he'd stolen a million dollars, I looked at Zoe like she was on to something, Because she was!

We immediately ran to get our gear, on the way I saw Chris, I asked him which handyman service he called, "Totally human handyman services, same as usual." Luckily M brought my gear over, which was a relief.

"CALLING ALL ROBOSCHEPPIANNS, ACTIVATE BATTLE MODE." Says the "handyman" he said his name was E-26. All the Roboscheppians connected to E-26, He was HUGE! He had big arms with lasers, he had a huge jetpack, it looked like we were doomed. We sent Zoe out to look for any other Roboscheppianns.
She had her V.E.C.G [Very Expensive Communication Gear], She sent a message to my V.E.C.G that said there was possibly one controlling the Big-Bot.

Then we fight, when I say fight, I mean a BIG Fight. The biggest one of all the biggest fights in history, It was so big it could be WW3 [Except it only went on for 1 to 2 hours and wasn't worldwide so it would be TSUAFSLBFUVBB which stands for TSUAFS Lab Big Fight Us Versus Big Bot] It looked like Big-Bot could stop all of our attacks from reaching him, and we could stop all of his attacks from reaching us!

"Hang on guys!" I say, "Maybe that Roboscheppiann is using our internet to connect to Big-Bot!
All we need to do is turn it off!" "We cannot do that." Said "M" "Why?" We all ask. "Well, I don't know the passcode". "I know the most common passcode, If it helps." Said Chris. I sigh, "Ok Chris". "The first number is one" "Then two" "Then three" "IS THIS JUST GOING TO BE 1234!" "Noooo, Ermm Maybe. Lastly, It's four, One two three four" Chris is the biggest idiot known.
I decide to press enter, It is our only choice, Just turn the internet off, 1234.

"Action successful. Wi-Fi disconnected" Chris is now the biggest smarty-pants known This is the best day of my life.