Netball Carnival

One day a team of netball players had a netball carnival, this carnival was the biggest carnival of their lives. So one day all the girls were about to start their game. The girls all had specific positions. Alyssa was Goal Attack, Becca was the best player and she was center, Jackie was Goal defence, Kylie was wing attack, Georgia Goal shooter, Kim wing defence and Courtney was Goalkeeper. Their coaches name was George.

The bell had rang and round 1 had started. They were doing really good in round 1 but in round 2 something very bad had happened. So round 2 had started and about 15 minutes into the game Becca who was the star player had fallen over but she landed on her ankle weirdly and snapped it. The team had lost their best player.

Becca was on the floor screaming and crying, everyone ran over and looked at her in shock. Her ankle had a bone out of place and it was sticking out, her ankle was purple and swollen. Her mum rang the hospital in a panic and they sent an ambulance. The ambulance came really quickly since it was an emergency. They put Becca in the ambulance and off they went to the hospital to the emergency department. Back at the courts all the girls were worried about Becca but also because they had lost their best player. The girls started panicking because they had no center.

The girls just kept playing and all of their positions had changed. They made it through the day but struggled a lot. So the next week at training they had tryouts for a new player while Becca was recovering. On the tryouts day this girl named Riley had tried out and she was amazing. Coach George knew that Riley was the one so he announced it to the team and they were a little bit happy but also sad, but they knew they would get use to her.

Once Becca found out, she was a little bit annoyed about Riley, because she was an amazing player and Becca was scared that she was going to get replaced for the rest of the netball season. Becca was so jealous that she had rushed her recovery, so she could go back and play before the season finishes. Becca went and played when she was still in recovery mode. When she jumped for the ball she landed on her ankle awkwardly again so that meant she needed longer recovery time. Becca then had to get carried off the court and go to the hospital for a second time.

After spending 2 weeks in hospital she had a reflection with her Mum and Becca realised that being jealous about something doesn’t get you anywhere,and most of the time it makes it worse. Ever since that day Becca never got jealous about someone or something again because she knew that it would just get worse.