L.A Style

My son collapses into the hospital chair beside me. His quiet sobs echo around the silent building. My husband puts his arms around and the three of us walk outside. Cameras flash around us and we are bombarded with questions.

We sit down in my son’s mansion and the detective, Malcolm Davis, approaches us.
“We have a lead on the case. A telescope was found with the painting tools in Martha’ beauty room where she was murdered. We did a forensic test and identified fingerprints,” his eyes flicker towards my son. “There was also some blood on it, which was confirmed to be Martha’s. The fingerprints matched up with Derek. Right now, Derek, you are our main suspect.”
“Wh-what? This is my WIFE’S murder we are talking about!” Derek shouts. “My broken telescope was put in the closet so it wouldn’t get more damaged before I was able to get it fixed!”
My eyes widen but my body relaxes as my son is dragged out of his home.

Two weeks later, my son is charged with the murder of Martha Bordeaux.

I wake up alone in bed. When I go downstairs to fix myself a sugar-free protein shake, I notice Malcolm Davis talking to my husband. I catch the end of their conversation.
“-We’ll use the element of surprise to our advantage.”
They stop talking when they see me.
“Mrs. Stewart, it turns out that this case is not closed yet,” he says to me.
“What do you mean? My son has been charged!” I say, desperation leaking into my voice.
“With a further look into this case, I realised that I had not sent the painting tools to the forensic lab. Fingerprints were identified on the knife which was used to kill Martha. The results prove you are the culprit, Mrs. Stewart.”
I take a step back and my face pales. “No, you can’t do this!” I cry. “You cannot do this while I am grieving the loss of my daughter-in-law!”
My husband shakes his head. “What have you done, Helena? Martha is gone. WHAT DID YOU DO!” he roars.
“David, you cannot be siding with this man. She was my daughter too!” I scream hysterically.
“I am going to have to take over from here. David, your son will be released in a few hours.” He says, shaking his head.
“Don’t touch me, you twat! How dare you handcuff my hands. David, you filthy idiot, I will be sending divorce papers to you!” I scream as I’m pulled out of my house.

“David Stewart has released a statement regarding the arrest of his wife. ‘It pains me that jealousy and greed caused such a loss but that is the sad reality of Los Angeles.’ Last week, Helena Stewart was arrested for the murder of her daughter-in-law Martha Bordeaux. The detective, Malcolm Davis, has since retired as, ‘LA is full of dramatic women and vain men with impractical lives.’ Julia Stone, CBS News”


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