Face Your Fears

I woke up and I heard lots of loud bangs. Then I realised that I have horse riding. I am so excited for it and it is my first lesson. I am a tiny bit nervous. Ok I will admit. I am very nervous, I have butterfly’s in my tummy. It does not feel very nice at all, they make me feel sick. I need to stop thinking about it.
I only know a couple of the horse’s name's there is Blaze, Kommet, Tommy, Buddy, Lucy, Honey. There is a lot more horses there but I don’t know their names. I hope I am on Kommet because he has cool name. I am riding at 2:00 so I have a while till I go and I get to go with my friend Myrah, which will be fun. If I really like it, I can get a helmet, jodhpurs a crop and boots. I am so excited to go. I need to eat breakfast because I am really hungry. First, I need to feed my animals. I have chooks, birds and a lot more animals.
Myrah will be here soon so hopefully she can help me cheer up a little bit. Because she has done it before.
Myrah really wanted me to come to horse riding for a while, but I said no. This time I finally said yes, she got really excited. She was jumping up and down for what felt like an hour for me.
Ok Myrah is here she has a crop, helmet and jodhpurs. She told me some of the helper’s names there is Amy, Indigo, Ev. Everyone is very, very nice Myrah’s mum and dad said. Myrah said that they helped her a lot.
We are about to go I am even more nervous than I was before and I am really, really scared. We are almost there I am feeling mixed emotions but mainly exited. Myrah is telling me that Lucy is the smallest horse there, I most likely will not be riding her. I will most likely be riding Kommet. But by the sound of things. He sounds huge. All of a sudden, Myrah is getting really excited. So, I ask her why. Myrah said “We’re here, look! Look! There is Kommet!” “He is so pretty!” I say, “he is beautiful!” Then she points out a huge horse, the biggest horse there, Myrah said. Once he broke the fence and got out. Myrah needed to catch him. I would have been scared. But not her, so I finely got on and he took off, I didn’t know what to do.
He is calm now and I am ok, the lesson is almost over and I am gonna go for a trot and home we go. I need to have dinner and play with my bird and remember to face your fear and never give up. Or you might miss out on a once in a life time chance.


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