The Global Phenomenon

Finalist in the 'Write Along 2018' competition

Fragmented world, with its inherent volatility
Conflicted states, endlessly-entwined in hostility
Unruly regime, impetuous and oppressive
Disharmonious society, primitive and regressive
Power, demarcated by superiority of armouries
Radical ideologies, jeopardise peace like pernicious arteries
Sovereignty, malfunctioning and misapplied
Discrimination, ubiquitous and unjustified
Poverty, disregarded and carefully concealed
Climate change, controversial despite the evidence revealed
World leaders, self-serving and heedless
The digital age, a cyber-world dangerous and needless
Yesterday, wars ensued wars and lies ensued lies
Tomorrow, peacefully-renewed or a harrowing demise?
What will be, who would know?
The global phenomenon, a dire status-quo


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