Wake up Harry!” said Wood.
“Wood, its 4:30 in the morning” said Harry.
“Do you want to win the Quidditch Cup or not?” asked Wood.
“Well, yes, but do we have to train this hard?” moaned Harry.
“GET –UP- NOW!!” insisted Wood.
“Fine!” Harry slumped out of bed, changed in to his Quidditch robes, and walked across the school grounds with the rest of the Griffindor team, who were all looking extremely sleepy. While Harry was walking he saw something strange: a lot of commotion going on in the Forbidden Forest.
After Quidditch training Harry went into the Great Hall, sat down next to Ron and Hermione and told them about the commotion. “What do you think it could have been?“ he asked Hermione. “I don’t know but I have heard rumors about people found dead in villages and things.” Hermione replied.
“Maybe they’re Death Eaters?” said Ron.
“RON, I’ve told you a million times that Death Eaters can’t enter Hogwarts!” said Hermione. Then, suddenly the door banged open, and Hagrid came running in. “DEATH EATERS!” yelled Hagrid. “IN HOGWARTS!”
“Told you so!” joked Ron.
“Ron, this is no time for jokes. Death Eaters are invading Hogwarts!” And Hermione was right. People were screaming, dropping flasks of pumpkin juice everywhere.
“SILENCE!” yelled Dumbledore. “I want prefects to lead their houses to their dormitories”. Percy puffed out his chest importantly and led Griffindor house up to Griffindor Tower. Harry, Ron, and Hermione walked over to the window facing the front of the school and saw hundreds of Death Eaters swarming the school.
“I can’t see Voldemort amongst them” said Harry.
“Don’t say that name!” said Hermione.
“We need some people to attack them if we want them to retreat” said Ron.
“ I’m going to go and fight them off” said Harry.
“Are you out of your mind?” said Ron. But he was too late, Harry had already walked through the common room and through the portrait hole out of sight.
The castle hallways were packed with serious looking people, even Peeves was looking stern for a change, floating above everybody but not causing any commotion at all. When Harry got to the door he peered out and saw swarms of death eaters trying to get in to the locked doors.
Why aren’t they using magic to open the doors, thought harry. Harry lay on his stomach and through the crack at the bottom of the door started hexing (using his knowledge from his 4th year at Hogwarts when he was a tri-wizard champion), and stupefying them with his wand. This was going to take a long time, so he put a shield around himself (also using his knowledge from his 4th year), and blasted open the door. He looked up and saw nearly the whole of Griffindor peering out the window.
“Stupefy them!” he yelled. So they did and the job was done in less than an hour.
Hooray, And now it was time for a feast!


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