A Beautiful Vase Of Flowers

A beautiful Vase of flowers
This is a story about a family who lived on a street called ‘happy street’. There were two sisters called Emma and Holy who lived with their loving family and a newly adopted pet dog called ‘poppy’. Mum was not happy to have a pet because she had to take care of all the cleaning. While mum was going for a shower. She said ‘don’t touch the vase it’s having a sunlight time near the window’.

The kids were playing together and suddenly heard a noise ‘BOOM CRASH!!’ “Oh no! What’s that noise? Said Emma. Emma and Holy rushed towards the noise and saw Poppy standing next to the broken vase. Holy said panicking “mum would be so upset to see that, we must do something. Let’s hide it, let’s fix it, oh no let's tell mum we don’t know how it happened, or else mum would send Poppy back from where it came”.
But Emma said, “We should not lie to mum, let’s see if we tell her the truth and she might be upset but maybe won’t send Poppy back”.
Meanwhile mum came after taking the shower. She saw the beautiful vase broken into pieces and looked at Emma and Holy. Holy was scared, to tell the truth, so mum asked Emma how it happened. Emma told that Poppy accidentally bumped into the vase, they were all playing and having fun. Mum looked at Poppy and he was looking adorably cute to be angry at. So Mum said “ You know how much I loved my beautiful vase and how I take care of it, and I can’t think of it broken into pieces” Emma and Holy got worried. “ Girls its ok after all it was just a vase, I am happy that you all are ok and the best thing is that you told the truth, accidents happen and that is completely normal, the important thing is you should be honest always. “
Holy said, “This means Poppy can live with us?”
“Of course she can”. Said, Mum.
Emma and Holy got so happy they all had a group hug. Mum cleaned the vase pieces and said: “let’s go outside and play it’s probably the best place to run and play”.
So they all played for a long time and had fun.
The End.


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