Cadence Of Fall

Excellence Award in the 'Write-Along 2018' competition

Layers upon layers of darkness build up the infinite sky dome
Underneath which there's room for the stray human-being to wander
To draw in to the universe what we call home
This night, like me, there are leaves falling off the autumn tree, crossing the city's highway
I'm what nature had built through night and day
Bloomed verdant and then dimmed gold
Lost within the foliage that people behold
When the spring grew old and people grew full of its blessings
Only we were mourning losses and endings
Then, we were no longer able to mourn
The world grew more vibrant than ever
With the relentless flapping of the bird's wings
And the ephemeral swoosh of the winds
Children wailed and the sun burned excruciatingly
It was only a matter of light strokes of the air
And we were cascading down into nihility


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