Kate And The Pear Tree

Once in a town, a very magical town lived a girl called Kate. She was a special girl because she had a weird looking pear tree. It was from her Great Great Grandfather. Three years ago, her Great Great Grandfather died. But before her Grandfather died, he gave Kate a little pear tree. It had big twigs on top of the little tree and huge purple dots on the branches.
Kate’s Great Great Grandfather said it was magical. Kate believed in her Great Great Grandfather. So she tried to make the tree do something but nothing ever worked. One day Kate was walking to the library, suddenly she saw a book on the dirty floor. The title of the book was ‘How to make the Purple Dotted Pear Tree Magical.’ She really wanted that book so she slowly grabbed the book, hoping nobody would notice her, and went back home.
She walked to the pear tree and read the book. The book said to touch all the purple dots on the pear tree and it will do something special. But you need to find out for yourself what the special thing is.
So Kate touched all the purple dots. For a second it did nothing but after a while the little pear tree disappeared. Kate was disappointed in herself. When she was about to go away, she saw a note on the ground. Kate opened the note, it was from her Great Great Grandfather.
The note said, ‘I love you Kate’ and that was all.
Kate was so surprised because her Great Great Grandfather had said something to her but he was dead. She was so happy that her Great Great Grandfather remembered her.



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