Once there was a little boy who's parents had gone up to heaven. He was very lonely and a little sad. He decided he was going to go on a stroll around Moo Moo village to find a new family. A family that would care for him. The boy's name was Harry Tomasen. He was as a small as a fruit or vegetable but he was a human. He is not a fruit or veggie!
While Harry was walking he saw a strange house in the bushes. He took a little look. He saw a window. In the window he saw broccoli in a room. It was room that looked just like a bedroom for a boy aged around the same age as Harry. But the strange thing was that broccoli is nothing like a human, so why was it in a bedroom?
Harry was so curious he decided he was going to knock on the door. So he did. And can you guess what happened?
Well, if you guessed there was no answer you are incorrect. Surprisingly a carrot answered the door and said "hello, what would you like little boy?". Harry was very surprised he could barely speak, but he finally said "I am looking for a home because my parents died. I am homeless". The carrot called into the house and said "I have a visitor Mia Mango, he says he is homeless. Shall we help him?". There was a voice from inside the house, and it said "Yes of course we shall". "He can sleep on the couch and you can put him to sleep after introducing yourself".
"Oh yes, my name is Rupert Carrot. We have a son called Leo Broccoli. But you can call Mia and I mum and dad if you like".
Rupert Carrot carried Harry into the sitting room. A tired Harry flopped on the couch while Mia Mango was getting a pillow and blanket for him. He quickly feel asleep. Soon it was morning and the parents, Rupert Carrot and Mia Mango, decided to paint their new child orange so he was like them.
Harry met Leo Broccoli and they became best buddies. They always played and walked to school together.
Harry was very happy that he had found a family and thanked his parents for letting him live with them.



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