0nce upon a time, there was a cheetah called M.I.N.A. Many people laughed at her because of her name. But the thing the people didn’t realise is that she is an exceptional singer.

Anyway, one day M.I.N.A was just doing her daily routine whilst singing, when someone knocked on the door. Who could it be? She thought. When she opened the door it was the Prime Minister of Australia. Apparently, her neighbour had heard her singing and had called the Prime Minister and said that she was a very good singer.

Meanwhile M.I.N.A knew this wasn’t right even though she thought it would be nice to go with the Prime Minister. How did he know she was a good singer? She always kept the door and windows closed and locked. She thought it was a mystery…

Before she could ask how he knew she was a good singer the Prime Minister had pushed her into his car. She tried to get out but she couldn’t, the door was locked. After a 3 and a bit hour drive they finally stopped, she wondered where they were. When she found out she was not at all pleased, she was in a dungeon “why are you keeping me here?” she asked
They answered, “you are held captive for being weird”
“How have I been weird?” she asked
“your name is weird” said the guard
“So” replied M.I.N.A
“So” copied the guards as they walked off.
M.I.N.A realised that there were other weird people from her town. After she had talked for a while she started to look around a bit there was a table and a chair sitting lonely in the corner, also there was a window in the other corner.
After realising there wasn’t much she sat down and started singing.
In the morning the guards came and took her away. She was told to sing. She was forced to obey and started singing.
The next day she was taken before the queen to sing…
In the morning she woke up and was in her own house with all her belongings. She went to see her garden and all these people came rushing forward and taking photos and asking if she was nervous or not, she yelled “STOP” so they did. After a big chat she realised that she was liked as a singer.
They asked what her next song was about she replied “about all of the weird people who are being held captive because of their name.” The next day she launched her song and it was a huge hit all her fellow weirders as they were called were free from captivity they lived a great life.
Meanwhile M.I.N.A had many songs and was loved all over the world.
Meanwhile the Prime Minister was in jail for cruelty against animals in his own jail and his own guards.

The end (the story not M.I.N.A. or her career)