Mabel's Friends From Wonderland

Mabel is a book worm she loves reading books.

As she got to school she met her best friend Amanda waiting outside for her.

Amanda said “I think we have library today yay!”

“I love library” said Mabel.

A few hours later both girls went to library.

Mabel wanted to borrow a book about Alice in Wonderland.

Amanda wanted to borrow a book about cats.

When Mabel went to borrow her book the librarian said “Be careful with that book, it can get out of control some times.”

Mabel didn’t know what the librarian was talking about.

When they went back to class it was time to read.

But when Mabel opened her book Alice, the White Rabbit and the Cheshire Cat jumped out of the book!

“How did you?”

“No time for questions said Alice. The Cheshire Cat is on the loose!”

Mabel grabbed Amanda and headed for the door.

“Wooooooooohhhh why am I running after cartoon characters”, said Amanda.

“Well you see I was about to read my book and then these guys jumped out of it”, said Mabel.

“Maybe we should stop and find a strategy to catch the Cheshire Cat first”, said Amanda.

“Good idea Amanda. Hey Alice, Amanda has an idea,” said Mabel.

“What is it Amanda”, said Alice.

“We need to split up”, said Amanda

“OKAY” said Alice.

“Me and Mabel will go right you go left”

“And will meet at the cafeteria around the other side of the school”, said Amanda.

“Okay” said Alice. “Come on White Rabbit.”

“This is like a onion is taking over the world” said the White Rabbit.

“This is wasting time”, said the White rabbit. “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, I’m late I’m late for a very busting date” said the White Rabbit again.

“Again?” said Alice.

Meanwhile Mabel and Amanda were three quarters around the school when Mabel’s teacher came walking around the corner of the Gym.

Their teacher was not kind like Mabel and Amanda she was very strict not kind and not caring.

Their teacher’s name was Miss Bethany.

“Hi miss Bethenny”, said Amanda.

“Silly girl” she said strictly.

“Where are you going?” said Miss Bethany.

“Um to watch the basketball up the top of the hill” said Mabel.

“You may pass said miss Bethany looking at the girls until they left her sight.

“That was close” said Amanda quietly.

“Yeah” said Mabel

“l wonder where the White Rabbit and Alice are going.

Meanwhile the White Rabbit and Alice just got out of the toilet

because of the White Rabbits very busting day.

“Thanks a lot White Rabbit now were going slow I bet Amanda and Mabel are way ahead” said Alice angrily. “You big busting rabbit.”

“Hey who are you calling busting rabbit?”

“I can’t help it” said the White Rabbit angrily back.

“Okay we can’t walk, it will take too long we will have to run.”

“Not again” said the White Rabbit.

Meanwhile Mabel and Amanda were all most at the cafeteria thy were about 20 colomiters away from the cafeteria.

Then a paper plane hit Amanda and in the head.

“Aww said Amanda.

Mabel unfolded the paper plane it said I am hiding some where that school kids might go Mabel looked up over the paper and saw the Cheshire Cat smiling at her then he diseased in her blink “do student often said Mabel?

“The cafeteria said Amanda.

“You’re right said Mabel and headed for the cafeteria they finally reached the cafeteria

When they went into the cafeteria they found the Cheshire Cat snacking on a chocolate bar.

“We found you shouted Mabel excitedly.

An hour later Alice and the White Rabbit arrived”

When they went back to Class Alice the White

rabbit and the Cheshire Cat jumped back into the book and when Mabel woke up the next day thinking it was all a dream she opened her tube Alice winked at Mabel and from then on Mabel new that her friends from wonderland were alwith her the end.