Safe Return

Safe return
I had done it! My application for the Special Forces mission had been accepted. I was going to the top secret German base as the official driver and car manager. It may not sound like a good or important job but I was in charge of getting the troops and I away and avoiding German patrols. Our mission was to get back the diamonds and artwork the Germans stole last year (1941) on this exact day (21 August). We had to stop Germans from keeping it or they would use it to buy better weapons and win the war.

As I grabbed my rifle, ammo and car licence the door to the boys’ dormitories banged open. Everyone jumped up and saluted the Army General as he stepped in. He spoke in a loud, booming voice.
“Christopher, you are to come with me now and bring everything you will need.” Excited mutters ascended as I proudly followed him.

He showed me who my fellow army men in the mission were. It was the top squadron, Squadron 1, which were the troops led by my best friend Adam. We walked to the carpark and hopped into the vehicle we were assigned.

We drove into the incoming night. The sky was as black as ink. Soon, we drove into the German base. The troops jumped out of the car and ran into the base, undetected, to get back the valuables. I started waiting for them to come back.

1hour later…
BANG! The sound shattered the air as the troops came running out, their sacks full.
“Drive!” Adam yelled as he got in, “We’re being followed!” As I tore away I saw another German car follow us. I swiftly took the turn-off to the forest as the troops fired at the pursuing German car as it got closer. As we sped into the forest tendrils of mist curled around us. I hoped it would hide our escape.

Suddenly, a message came through the radio. “You need to get out of German territory in 15 minutes or their planes sent will bomb you.” I floored the accelerator and we zoom through the forest, the tall, ancient oaks whizzing past. Return shots were fired back as they started gaining on us. One bullet shattered the back windscreen.
“Argh!” cried out one of the troops as he got hit by a bullet. I swerved wildly as a tree loomed up ahead of us. Two more troops got hit as their car draws closer.
“Listen,” said Adam, “I can hear the planes, they’re only minutes away.”
The pursuing car suddenly hits a tree and was blown up, sending a shower of debris our way. The trees started to thin out as we exited the forest.
“Phew,” said Adam, relieved, “Well that was close, wasn’t it.”
“Yeah,” I replied, “a bit too close for me.”

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