The Letter

Excellence Award in the 'Write-Along 2018' competition

‘Ding!’ Grace heard the door bell and she rushed to see who it was. A special delivery! Her Golden hair stood up. Her heart beat was racing as if she was running in a marathon. It was from her favourite scientist Marie Curie.
She opened it up quickly. She was overjoyed because it was the letter she was waiting for a long time. This is what it said. “Dear Grace, I have chosen you for the ‘Nobel Prize Mission’ and you have to get the Nobel Prize letter from the evil rabbit. I read your science project in your school newsletter and I thought you would complete the mission definitely. Hurry! You only have until midnight today. Everything you need for this mission is inside the box and I hope you will find the Nobel Prize letter and come to me on time.”
Grace started to follow the instructions on the instruction sheet. She found the evil rabbit in the dark hole as in the instructions. Grace sprinted and was ready to take the letter from the evil rabbit. ‘Boom!’ There was an explosion. The letter started to fall in to the dark hole. She knew she had to act fast if not the mission would be harder. Suddenly, Grace remembered the super-duper fast jet pack came with the special delivery. She pushed the button on the jet pack and started fly down at the speed of light. She caught the letter but unfortunately the batteries in the jet pack died. She knew that it was the time to use the parachute which came with the delivery. She landed safely in the dark hole but did not know how to get out of the dark hole. Grace had a light bulb moment. She opened the box and got the rope and an anchor. Then she clamoured on and climbed up a wall in the hole and came to the top.
She checked the time and it was five minutes to midnight. She rushed to Marie Curie’s laboratory and gave the letter to the Marie Curie. The old clock chimed twelve. Marie Curie was so happy to have her letter back and invited Grace to be her special guest at the Nobel Prize ceremony! It was seven heaven to Grace because her dream was to meet Marie Curie and go to the Nobel Prize ceremony!

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