A Bad Day

Miss Ayla was watching me when I fell down from the big kids playground. When I fell I couldn’t breath for 10 seconds. And then someone let me have some water and my back was hurting a lot for two days. I was really brave. I told my mum and dad and when I told my mum she said I couldn’t go on the playground anymore. And I told my dad that I had a sore back and he thought that I had scars and marks on my back. My mum asked me if I fell on the wood but I didn’t I told her I landed on the sand and she said that was good. She said she would have been really worried if I landed on the wood and that’s why my mum said I couldn’t go on the playground anymore. But I am getting to feel better.

When I got home I went to lay down on the sofa lounge and when I got home my cats made me happy. And I played with my cats and I put my hat outsides and my cats went in the hat. But there was one problem because I had 4 cats and I only had one hat so I didn’t know what to do. So I asked my dad what could I use something that my cats can go in. My dad told me to use a box so we went to the IGA and we got some boxes and we took it home and now I have figured out how to use it.