Falling Stars

Falling Stars

I stand in the crowd waiting for the fireworks. I hold onto my dogs leash and we walk. The wind tickled my neck and whistled in my ears, I shivered. I get to the front and we stare at the fireworks as they make beautiful shapes in the sky. Something falls and hits my head. I let go of my dogs leash and she sniffs around, she comes to me and drops a black star shaped rock at my feet. “What did you find this time Jöö?” I ask her in a baby voice. I pick up the rock and put it in my pocket. I start walking home, forgetting why i came here.

I walk into my apartment. I look at the disproportioned star and put it in a jar, it starts to glow. I walk into my wardrobe and change. I turn off my light and try to sleep. I can’t. Why does this little rock have such an effect on me?

I’ve had this rock for 9 days now! All i have is bad luck. I open the TV and sit down. The lights flicker. I scream and Jöö jumps onto the couch. “W-who is there?” I stutter. I hear mumbles all around me, only the darkness is there to protect me. I look around for anyone, terrified for my life. I hold tight to Jöö and the rock glows brightly. I walk towards it shakily, I attempt to pick it up and it burns my hand. “AAA” I scream. Jöö walks towards me and picks the scorching rock off the floor. Her eyes glow. I crawl back in fear as she walks towards me. “Jöö!” I scream. She walks towards me and puts the rock in my hand. Suddenly, some figure stands in front of me. “You have cared for this star. Keep it with you for good luck. Anywhere you go. You had 10 days, you kept it and cherished it.” “Wait. Star? Good luck?”I had a million questions. The figure passes me a blank book and a deformed pen. “Write whatever you want to happen in here. It will happen.” he says. “Take this eraser too. It will stop what you wrote.” I take the items. Before i thank him he disappears into the darkness. The lights turn on and my door closes.

I wake up the following day and run to my desk. I open the book and write ‘It rains money in my room’. It starts raining. Jöö runs in and howls. I erase the sentence and it stops raining. I walk around my room and pick up the money. I walk outside and i see a man sitting on the bench in disheveled clothes and a cup in his hands. I write in the book: ‘Give this man a briefcase full of money’. It happens. He starts screaming and crying in joy. He thanks me and i walk to help more people.


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