It all started on a cold Monday morning, a girl named lily was going on a nice walk in the park by herself. Lilly was just looking for some pretty flowers and finding some lovely green trees. Lilly sat down and read a book that she loved called the mystery of the golden book, she loved sitting under that tall pretty tree. Just then she saw a cute little ladybug. The ladybug flew onto Lilly; just as Lilly saw that the ladybug looked at her with evil eyes just then ouchhhhhh! The lady bug bit her it left a ladybug mark.
The next day she woke up and she looked in the mirror “AHHHHH!” She said, she had lady bug costume it was all red and black all over she looked like a ladybug. She had a huge problem she couldn’t show her parents as they would go nuts, so she put on some clothes and went for breakfast.
Later that day it was a 30 degrees and she was so hot with the clothes on she was about to faint; so it was time to show her parents, she was terrified. Lilly saw her parents and showed them, they went nuts like she said so she ran away.
She was walking in the park just then she saw this nice looking girl, she ran over to her and said “hi my name is Lilly, what’s yours?” the girl said in a dark voice “my name is Sam and I am here destroy you.” Umm are you joking no, umm! You might want to run Lilly agreed so she ran as fast as she could and she followed after just then she threw a poisonous lady bug at her but she missed. “So that’s where it came from” Lilly said. I’m going to destroy this town “NOOOO!” Lilly said “I’ve got to save this town” as soon as she said that she turned into something amazing, beautiful. She was LADYBUG! With these magical powers like a super strong net “you not going any were” she said “yes I am” and Sam ran all around destroying everything. Lilly was trying to stop her with a super strong net and a good ladybug but she missed everything. Your pretty good ladybug but not as good as me it took a long time and she was down to her last net she was so nervous she took a deep breath and she threw it BAMMMM! Lilly couldn’t see anything it was covered in dust. When the dust went away she saw Sam was captured YAY! She saved the town she called the police they were there in 5 minutes. When they saw her they arrested her. Sam looked at her and said it’s not the last time you’ll see me ladybug. Lilly said “yes it is” and they took her away. Lilly was so tired after that so she went to bed. When she woke up she was a normal, sweet girl again.

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