Lily's Magic Glasses

Finalist in the 'Write Along 2018' competition

“Please can I have glasses? Please Mum?” begged Lily. “Look, you can only have glasses if you actually need them.” answered her mum. Lily’s mum didn’t understand. Lily did need glasses.
The next morning Lily was walking to school when she saw something purple in the bushes. She picked it up and saw it was purple glasses and just her size! She hid the glasses in her bag and ran on to school.
Now, little did she know that these were very special glasses. They were magic glasses! These glasses could make her see through walls when danger was around!
Lily was not popular. She got teased at school. A lot. Now that day a mean student was creeping around the corner to scare her. By chance, Lily put her glasses on at that exact moment and then saw, through the wall, the student creeping up on her. “Wow! I can see through walls!” exclaimed Lily. “These glasses have superpowers!”
Later that week there was a chocolate feast at the school canteen. Everyone got to eat sooooooo much chocolate. After the feast the most popular student from the senior school, called Zac, was left alone to clean up the canteen. Unexpectedly, a man dressed all in black came into the canteen. Zac was scared. He hid behind the last box of caramel sweets and watched. The man had some backpacks and started to stuff the canteen money into them. Suddenly Zac sneezed and the man (who Zac now knew was a robber!) swung around and saw Zac hiding. The robber grabbed Zac and threw him into a nearby box. He slammed the lid and taped it closed so Zac was trapped.
Now just then Lily was walking past and heard the struggling. Using her glasses, she looked through the wall and saw what had happened. She quietly opened the door and cut the tape to set Zac free. Now Lily did kickboxing so she got into her position and... Ka-Pow! She kicked the robber right in the bum! Then she took a bucket and plonked it on his head. While the robber tried to get the bucket off his head, Lily grabbed some tape and taped up the robber’s hands and feet. Meanwhile Zac ran to get the principal and told him what had happened. The principal called the police and the robber was captured all because of Lily!
“Great job and thank you!” cried Principal Davids when the police had taken the robber away. “How did you know what was going on?” “Easy! These glasses are magic! I can see through walls!” replied Lily. Principal Davids was quite amazed “Wow!” he cried. “You were very brave to takeout the robber by yourself with your kickboxing skills, so I’m going to present you with the ‘Bravest Student in School’ award,” and that is exactly what happened.
From that day forth, no one ever teased Lily again. She became famous for her bravery and super glasses.


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