1st in the 'Write Along 2018' competition

Every child has a voice that speaks without sound,
In their mind, in their head, to its mantra they are bound.
Sometimes quiet, sometimes bad, sometimes loud, sometimes mad,
It’s the voice of their fears and it can make them feel sad.
But away from the noise and the voices that lie,
Is the spirit and the talent of a child you can’t deny.
Who is striving to be heard through the noise and the crowds,
Screaming to anyone who will listen “I am here - hear me now!”
“I am worthy! I am worthy! Please give me a chance to show,
I can learn, I can study, I can try, I can grow.
All I need is a chance, someone who will always believe in me,
Through education, support and study, I know I can be free.”
“So please tell me I can achieve all the dreams in my heart,
And to quieten the voices of doubt in my head before they start.
Stay by my side through all life’s joys and trials that may be,
And help me find my uniqueness as I strive to be me.”



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