Maui And Moana

Why were the pelicans sitting on the grass?
Because they were having babies.
Violets are blue Daisies are pink The duck crossed the road because their babies were injured.
Maui and Moana went to the mall to pick their school outfit.
Maui and Moana got a drink from Banjos.
Moana and Maui laid in bed and read a book to Lisa on Face-time.
The next day Maui found out that Moana died in a car accident.
And Maui was very devastated because he lost his wife.
The doctor told Maui that Moana was still alive.
And Maui was like what do you mean that Moana is live I thought she was dead.
Maui asked the doctor can I go and see her.
The doctor said no because she was in a coma.
Maui said what do you mean she is in a coma and I want to hug her.
And the doctor said that she had to stay her for 8 weeks.
Maui said I love her soooooo much.
The end