Laughter is like taking a picture of someone asleep and they wet the bed.
Laughter is seeing a fat sumo wrestler
Laughter is like pushing someone into a big pile of poo.
Laughter is like hearing a big fart.
Laughter is like seeing a fat seals chasing people.
Laughter is like swapping 10c for $1000 without them even knowing.
Laughter is like seeing poo running down somebodies’ leg.
Laughter is like making someone it’s a day off school when it’s a big test.
Laughter is like putting soy sauce in somebodies’ milkshake.
Laughter is like telling someone a piece of plastic is diamond when it’s not.
Laughter is like empting a glass of water and peeing in it.
Laughter is like selling somebody a fake iPad for $50 cheaper.
Laughter is like making somebody think their test is due tomorrow.
Laughter is like swapping a fake wishbone for $50.

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