Dave's Day (A-Z)

As another day came I awoke from my dream But to only see a big ball of light hit my face
Could the light be more nice? Dave get ready for school you don’t want to be late again
Everyday I am late BUT NOT TODAY! Fast that is what I have to
Got to go mum have to be fast to get to school on time Have you backed your bag for school
I have not oh no I going to be late again! Just be fast that is all I have to remember
Kat can you help me please L.O.L your going to be late again
Mum! Kat help your brother now No I will not mum
Ok then don’t go to your friends party Party whose party and you have friends
Qiana party and I do have friends also I will help
Ricky is at the door time to go but the bus is gone
Should we walk or run to school Take your bike instead Dave
Um yeah we can use our bikes
‘Vote’ oh who on the TV and looks like the new pm want us to vote
We well be on our way mum
Xavier will be back at school tomorrow Ricky
Yeah it’s so boring without hem Zoom! That guy on the motorbike is so lowed


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