I'm a secret spy.Please don't tell. I’m 15. My mentor Alex loved to come back after a mission and tell me all about it. When I went on a mission, I didn't expect it to be recovering a stolen ice cream cart! I know I'm an apprentice, but really! An ice-cream cart? I was so insulted; even though Alex claimed it was a ‘great honour’ and I should be ecstatic. I mean I WAS ecstatic that I had finally got a mission, don’t get me wrong; but this? That’s what was bugging me.

“Are you ready to start your first mission?” Alex said, striding into the room. I was worried but wasn’t gonna show it.
“I’m ready. Let’s go.”
When we got to the street, Alex turned to me. “Sorry, but you’re on your own from here.” She said as she got in the car. I lined up to ‘wait for an ice-cream’ I read through the notes that Alex had made about the mission. I was going to stop him from destroying world peace. He was going to make chaos throughout the world by launching a nuclear bomb into north korea and I was supposed to stop him. All on my own. The ice-cream man was an spy as well but for our enemy the notes had told me. Plus he was trained to notice me. And he did. Jumping onto his cart, he pedalled away.

“I got a tracker on him.”I thought gleefully. As I ran, I used my watch to call my motorbike. I tracked him to a familiar building on the third floor.Where did I know this place from? But there wasn’t time to think about it, I was here to stop him from destroying world peace I reminded myself. When I got there, I couldn't find him anywhere, so I kept going up until I reached the roof.

My grandma lives in retirement here! So he was also going to kill a building full of elderlies. Great, it's my first mission, and I have already FAILED.
Quick I thought there is the spy, but he hasn't seen me. Quietly I crept up behind him, I held up my gun and aimed, a helicopter from my Agency landed on the roof. Then the spy took the chance to run. I couldn't get a precise aim, so I ended up shooting him in the leg. An agent from the helicopter dropped down, handcuffed him and took him inside. I got into the helicopter - only to see Agent 9 (the head of my agency) waiting for me. "Apprentice Quick Feet.This was a test to prepare you for your field work, sorry to worry you but the person we told you was a spy for our enemies is actually one of our agents. Don't worry you only shot him in the leg, we had nurses on board to take care of him.. Congratulations Agent Quick Feet now part of our field sector ."


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