15 December 2018, we were by the beach on an enjoyable summer’s day and Violet and Mia were playing near the blue crystal water. Mia saw a star fish and went further way but no one noticed. Mia is only 3 and her sister Violet is 6. Violet was sitting eating lunch when she heard a scream MIA …!!! She yelled but there was no reply. 20 December 2018, Christmas was coming and the family was still looking for their little girl. Violet wandered down to the beach and went past the fence line when it got her. 21 February 2020, the two girls have been missing for 2 years but there parents haven’t given up they were ‘Heartbroken’ but one day they got a call, we found one of your girls. The family jumped in the car and drove to the beach as fast as they could when they got there the Skinner family was shocked but it turns out it was only a seal. 22 march 2023, Violet and Mia have been gone for 5 years now and not one clue has been found. What’s left of the skinner family went to the shop when Claire and ash saw a poster of their girls WANTED!!! Claire started crying. 23 April 2027, the story about the Skinner family is still going around 10 years later, there mum and step dad Claire and Ash are old now probably sitting in an old recliner reading the newspaper. 31st march 2023, but one day they saw a man acting a bit strange so Ash told Claire to follow him. They followed the man till he entered a cave; there were nets, baskets and all sorts of objects hanging on the walls but the, most surprising thing is that Mia and Violet were not there. They asked the kidnapper were there kids were, Claire was really nervous but the man said sit down I’ll make a pot of tea. Claire and Ash sat down, the man said your daughters were getting caught in a rip unfortunately u didn’t see them, I jumped in after them and pulled them out. I took them to this cave but when I woke up they were gone. Well where they are now said ash I don’t know said the man. 1st April 2023, a report came in about to girls being spotted floating in the water just of the cliff. Police and emergency services rushed down to the beach, the girls looked to be still alive….. Go Go Go quick get them to the hospital now. When the girls woke up Mia and Violet are very confused, what happened said Violet I will explain later. 5th April 2023, Violet is out of hospital now but Mia on the other hand is seriously injured, her legs are bruised and she has a broken arm with fractures to her head it will be a while. 2nd of May 2024, it took a year to get the family back together.


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